About Us

Our Mission

Our goal was to provide a transparent, simple, and complete product for our customers.  That’s what we did.  Over time we developed an easy to understand evergreen agreement providing a running 12 fixed and guaranteed future monthly payments that cover ALL supply, distribution, fee and tax costs to provide our customers’ electric and natural gas costs.  We will contract for supply if and only if doing so is in our customer’s best interest.

Our Philosophy

Our company was founded by two people from different industries outside the energy business who arrived in a large energy company through acquisitions.  We liked the business in general and thought we could manufacture real value.  What we did not like was the large energy company business culture where business was done with counterparties instead of customers.  The company was in business to meet the needs of the company first and not the customers.  The deal parameters were complex and arcane; ceilings and floors, escalators and cost-plus sale of commodities.  We decided to invent and provide customers a real alternative to business as usual.

On the demand side (improvements to infrastructure to save energy consumption), the incentive was to build projects first and meet the customer’s needs second.  Through the use of standardized valuation tools and modeling that included the bias of the modeler, projects were routinely over valued to the benefit of the providers business and resume at the cost of the customer through underperformance.

We receive, review and record relevant bill data, pay all bills and deal with providers with questions and issues on behalf of our customers.  On the consumption side, we provide our customers full and fair valuation of all conservation projects.  We provide and review with our customers our actual calculations and provide guaranteed full value monthly credits before a customer spends any capital on improvements.

We accept no compensation from engineers or contractors for any work the customer elects to complete.  We are not a commodity broker and do not accept commissions or any other compensation from electric or natural gas suppliers. Our interest is in providing real value to our customers so they take advantage of our the program over the long term.

Our Team

Don Parker

Don Parker


Don graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy and received his BS in Mechanical Engineering. His engineering and business professional experience spans a broad range of skills, including operations, engineering design and project management, energy management and business start-ups.

Career Highlights 

  • While an Unrestricted Line Officer in the U. S. Navy, Don was an engineering assistant for steam propulsion and power plant operations. He was a navy training supervisor for the Saudi Arabian navy.
  • As a part of a construction and insurance consulting company, Don was a Senior Consultant for construction claims resolution, project scheduling and industrial accident investigation.
  • He then had the opportunity to work in a Pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturing company as one of the engineers for utility, facility and process engineering project assignments.
  • This led Don to work in the Biotechnology industry. As a department manager, he used his knowledge of engineering in the design of the company’s manufacturing facility and high purity utility and process systems for biotech research and manufacturing customers.
  • His last employment was as a Regional development director for a national energy company. 
  • It is from this strong and diverse background that he became Principal and co-founder of two predecessor companies that led to the founding of MPlan, LLC.  Today as Managing Partner, Don is proud of Energy Cost Experts and its MasterPlan Program.
Lauren Brigger

Lauren Brigger

Senior Financial Manager



  • Lauren has been our Senior Financial Manager for over nine years, responsible for maintaining the company’s books, including escrow account management, customer set-up and maintenance and receivable customer service.
  • Prior to that, she was a financial analyst responsible for payments and billings, financial reporting and new customer onboarding.
  • Before coming to MPlan, she owned an operated her own business, providing food products to businesses.
  • She also has extensive retail management and supervisory experience in consumer products.

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