We procure your supply of electric and natural gas commodity to your best advantage.  MasterPlan is not an energy supplier or broker and does not accept commissions or any other financial considerations from any supplier. The only incentive is to make the best decisions for your individual case.




Structuring Approach

Your initial Monthly Payments are calculated by determining the current rate of spending for energy at your facility. Modeling techniques and statistical data are used to create a consumption model that is unique to your facility. Current rates for energy generation, distribution, transmission, taxes, and fees are applied to the model to develop an accurate cost of energy for a typical year to establish your first twelve Monthly Payments that remain fixed and guaranteed.

Easy Budgeting

On request, MasterPlan will lock and guarantee three additional monthly payments to provide fixed budget payments for your next budget year. For instance, a September request will provide fixed monthly payments through December of the following calendar year. This applies to any budget year you may use.

Energy Conservation Measures

A MasterPlan engineer will value any plan or project to reduce consumption in advance and provide the full value reduction in the Monthly Payment (or a monthly credit if preferred) before the measure is implemented. This gives members an accurate tool for making prudent investment decisions. MasterPlan’s interest is not in performing projects but only in minimizing members’ continuing cost and maximizing value. There is no additional charge for this service.


A Low, Guaranteed Fixed Payment

You deserve better than fragmented, unpredictable energy cost.

  • 12 future monthly payments fixed and guaranteed.
  • Choice of seasonal or flat monthly payments.
  • Based on current energy use.
  • No fees or true ups.
  • Customized allocations by account or business division.

Say Goodbye to Usage/Spending Variances

  • MPlan manages all rate and consumption risk.
  • Simple budgeting.
  • Additional three to four months locked for your annual budget on request.

No Long-Term Commitments

  • Easy and free to cancel – via mail or email w/one month’s notice.
  • A minimum term may apply for the beginning of a flat monthly payment program.

Reduce Your Cost

  • Honest and transparent valuation of your ECMs before you spend any money.
  • Full value credits are applied to your payment strip for projects completed.

Potential to Lower Payment Further / Energy Conservation Measures

  • Engineer site analysis to potentially reduce energy consumption and lower the monthly payment.
  • Accurate tools for making prudent energy investment decisions.

Consumption data and blank rate models by account provided on request.

We have been participating in the MasterPlan Program with MPlan for almost a year. I would like to thank you for the service your company has provided us.

In particular, we are impressed with the savings we have seen in our energy bills. Our annual energy savings was about 24%! Additionally, the energy analysis performed by MPlan has increased our awareness of cost saving opportunities. Many of the actions we have taken to help in the reduction of our energy costs were “low hanging fruit” and easy to achieve.

In these tough economic times it is nice to have a partner that has helped us control a big (and growing)expense.

- Lou Frontino | Ellenby Technologies

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