Why Us?

MasterPlan Frees You from Nonproductive Responsibilities.

It’s really quite simple. We pay your gas and electric bills by partnering and managing your supply with our supplier(s). 


How many companies provide this service?

Only one.  Ours.  The establishment energy businesses are inherently risk averse.  They will not guarantee your cost.  A supplier will guarantee your rate for a period of time.  A performance contractor may say they guarantee the performance of what they sell you, but if it does not perform, they will defend themselves and blame you.  MasterPlan simply guarantees your cost.

MasterPlan avoids the use of the word “savings” because it is a malleable and uncertain term.  Our business is to stabilize and minimize your cost over the long term.

Will this program fit any business?

No.  If your company produces highly variable products that are substantially dependent on a large energy usage, like a large chemical company, oil refinery or steel mill, you are not a good candidate.

No.  If you have the time, knowledge, data tracking and accountability mechanisms internally this program may not be for you.  If you can avoid errors of commission (buying bad supply rates or not accurately valuing infrastructure improvements) or of omission (allowing a supply contract to expire without renewing or replacing it or not considering the comparative value of utility default rates), this program may not be for you.

Yes.  If you are a normal commercial company or institution where your internal resources can produce more value by applying time and effort to your core business, this program may be for you.

What does the MasterPlan program provide?
  • Twelve future monthly payments that are fixed and guaranteed. Each month, you receive a new 12th monthly payment that remains fixed and guaranteed.
  • Receiving, recording and prompt payment of all bills (supply, distribution, taxes and fees).
  • Contracting for supply on your behalf or placing your supply with utilities to provide you maximum value. MasterPlan is not a supplier or broker and does not accept commissions or any other compensation from third parties.

Valuing infrastructure improvements, reviewing them for accuracy and providing guaranteed credits before you spend any money.  This service is transparent to you and provided at no additional cost

What is the extent of my commitment to MasterPlan's program?
  • Our program is evergreen and can be cancelled by you at any time with 30 days’ notice to ensure a seamless transition back to you.  There are no penalties or fees for cancelling.  You will keep any Supply Agreement in effect at the time of cancellation.  Many of our current customers have remained in the program more than ten years.
What happens if electric or gas rates go up?

Nothing.  MasterPlan assumes all rate and consumption risk.  Absent a material change in consumption, which is extremely rate, you will always know your exact monthly payments a year in advance.  Market forces may affect your future payments (beyond the year already fixed), but you are always protected for a year.

Can I get my annual budget in advance?
Yes.  MasterPlan will lock and guarantee up to four additional months to provide you a fixed and guaranteed monthly budget for the upcoming fiscal year on request.

What are the deliverables when I am in the program?

Along with your monthly invoice, you will receive an updated Monthly Report which includes:

  • Updated twelve future monthly payments and credits (only the 12th month will be a new payment).
  • Aggregate recent history of consumptions of electricity and natural gas.
  • Any Supply Agreement currently in effect and its expiration date.
  • Emergency phone numbers for your electric and gas utilities.
  • This report may also include cost allocations by account, or any reasonable division requested.

Monthly consumption data by account from inception to the most recent bills received is available on request at any time.

What do I need to provide to MasterPlan to have my program assembled?
  • A single complete copy of a recent bill for each electric and gas utility and supplier account.
  • Any electric and gas supply agreement currently in effect. Existing supply agreements are kept and complied with through their effective term.
What is the form of the proposal?

The proposal will be in the form of an Agreement and will include:

  • A two-page, plain language Term Sheet, the second page of which is primarily contact information.
  • Your first Monthly Report showing your first twelve monthly payments, as well as the other information described above.
  • Our standard blank Credit Application for our use with suppliers. We can also use your existing form instead.
  • Letters of Authorization (LOAs) for each of your current providers to allow us to change billing addresses. If you subsequently cancel the Agreement, we may provide you updated LOAs for the same purpose.
  • We request and expect that our Agreement form will not be shared outside your organization.

Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

How Long is My Commitment?
  • The Master Plan Program is a two-page plain language Agreement.
  • The Agreement is evergreen, meaning it continues until cancelled.
  • A customer can cancel anytime without penalties or fees.
How do I track my costs?

Monthly payments are generally due on the first of each month.
    You will receive an invoice around the 15th of the previous month.
    A Monthly Report will accompany the invoice.  This report includes:

  • Your next twelve-monthly payments.
    1. The only payment that can change is the last one, a year in the future.
    2. The first eleven payments will be the same as your previous report.
  • Aggregate historic consumption data for electric and natural gas.
  • Emergency phone numbers for your electric and natural gas utilities.
  • A list of third-party supply agreements and their expiration dates.
  • On request, MasterPlan will lock up to four months of additional monthly payments to give you a fixed and guaranteed energy budget for the upcoming fiscal year.
How do I Get Started?
  • Submit a copy of one complete recent bill for each electric and natural gas account.
    Submit a copy of any third-party supplier bill if billed separately.
        Submit a copy of all supplier contracts currently in effect.
  • We may need to provide you with a Letter of Authorization to sign to allow us to obtain consumption data from a provider. This is normally not needed.

Have questions or would like to learn more?

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