My company has been very satisfied with MPlan’s caliber of service thus far. MPlan reached out to our company with solutions well in advance of PP&L’s rate increase.

They have made the entire electricity deregulation process in our state easy to understand. After providing them with one year of history for gas and electric to analyze, their proposal was intuitive to review, providedguaranteed monthly costs for 12 future months (running), and exceeded my expectations in budgeting for bothof these utilities.

– Jeff Baughman | American Music Theater

We have been participating in the MasterPlan Program with MPlan for almost a year. I would like to thank you for the service your company has provided us.

In particular, we are impressed with the savings we have seen in our energy bills. Our annual energy savings was about 24%! Additionally, the energy analysis performed by MPlan has increased our awareness of cost saving opportunities. Many of the actions we have taken to help in the reduction of our energy costs were “low hanging fruit” and easy to achieve.

In these tough economic times it is nice to have a partner that has helped us control a big (and growing)expense.

– Lou Frontino | Ellenby Technologies

We have been using MPlan for several years. You may already know that they have the ability to buy electricity and natural gas (we use both). After checking our consumption history, they used their proprietary software to project what the next running 12 monthly energy billings would be for us. 1 haven’t found any other company that is able and willing to do that.

After we signed their agreement, they sent their engineer, Don Parker made valuable recommendations that would help us reduce our consumption.

One final point is that if you find you aren’t comfortable with the relationship, you can terminate the agreement after a short notification period.  MPlan does make things easier.

– James Swartz | Lift, Inc.

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