We Pay Your Gas and Electric Bills!

So You Don’t Have to…

  • Be overwhelmed by your bill and  know how the “energy game” is played.
  • Be confused who is your Distributor or Supplier? Required to call both to get answers.
  • Be frustrated with mediocre Customer Service and advice?
  • Unable to get accountably for your need.
  • Have the time to analyze less expense cost solutions?
  • Be angry with mistakes of commission and omission?

Lower Your Energy Bills… in Two Ways-

1. Reduce Consumption You can and should do the easy things first, like turning off lights when not in use and using programable thermostats.  These provide marginal savings at little to no cost.  We highly recommend not engaging companies who will try to sell you large expense equipment to improve your infrastructure.  The problem is that they will over-value the performance to profit maximize at your cost.  For energy savinginfrastructure improvements, Master Plan will provide transparent valuation and guaranteed full value credits at no cost.

2. Reduce Your Rate   Fact of the matter is, 30% to 50% of your bill is determined by regulated distribution rates that you can’t control.  Of the remaining portion of your bill, supply savings of 5% to 15% are within your reach.

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What We Can Do For You!

We pay ALL your electricity and natural gas bills including

Suppliers     |    Distribution     |    Taxes and Fees

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MasterPlan is not an energy supplier or broker and does not accept commissions or any other financial considerations from any supplier. The only incentive is to make the best decisions for your individual case.  

Our Structuring Approach, Easy Budgeting and Energy Conservation Measures ensure you never have to worry about your Energy bills again.

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We have been using MPlan for several years. You may already know that they have the ability to buy electricity and natural gas (we use both). After checking our consumption history, they used their proprietary software to project what the next running 12 monthly energy billings would be for us. 1 haven’t found any other company that is able and willing to do that.

After we signed their agreement, they sent their engineer, Don Parker made valuable recommendations that would help us reduce our consumption.

One final point is that if you find you aren’t comfortable with the relationship, you can terminate the agreement after a short notification period.  MPlan does make things easier.

- James Swartz | Lift, Inc.